Carl Einstein

“Don’t abuse me, please, the thin voice of Bebuquin sounded in the mirror. Don’t let yourself get so excited by objects, it is only a combination, not something new. Don’t rave with misplaced means. Where are you then? We can’t jump out of our skins. The whole matter unfolds itself with a strict causality. Yes, if logic would release us, at what point would its insertion be; that is what neither of us know. That is where the best is. You almost become original because you almost become insane. Let us sing the song of common loneliness. Your search for originality comes from your shameless emptiness, mine also. I will excuse myself without further ado, then you can mirror yourself in yourself. You see, that is the rub. But things do not bring us any further. The lace curtains were pulled across.”

Carl Einstein ‘Bebuquin’ trans. Patrick Healy, Trashface Books, Dublin 2008 


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